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Bringing Baby Home:

A Survival Guide to the First Six Weeks

aka "The 4th Trimester"

The only class of its kind on Long Island

In today's society, the focus of information is on your pregnancy and how to cope with labor. Bringing Baby Home: A Survival Guide to the First Six Weeks-The 4th Trimester" is a unique class which highlights the moments immediately after the birth and into the first six weeks.

This class begins where your childbirth class left off and is intended for both partners.

It will prepare you for:

  • Things your friends aren't telling you

  • What to expect the first 6 weeks

  • How to baby-proof your marriage/partnership

  • How to make the transition from pregnancy to parenthood with as little stress as possible

  • Understanding your emotional and physical changes

  • Signs of postpartum depression

  • How to ask for and get the help you need

  • Breastfeeding tips and resources

  • Assistance in creating your own postpartum plan

  • Tips on dealing with unwanted family advice

  • How to enjoy your baby

  • Infant Care

  • Informational resources for families

This class was born out of our own experience as new mothers who seemed to be well educated on pregnancy and labor; and yet felt very unprepared and overwhelmed when we brought our first children home from the hospital.

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