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Supporting Women and Families throughout Long Island in Pregnancy and Postpartum

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Our Story

Why Are We Here

We are doulas who have been serving Long Island, together, since 2002.
We are knowledgeable, nurturing women who provide evidence-based care and empowerment to women before, during and after the birth or adoption of a new child.
Our mission is to support and educate parents in creating a comfortable fulfilling transition from pregnancy, through labor and into the postpartum period.



What We Do

Pregnancy Concierge

Get extra personal support throughout the entirety of your birthing journey.

Your pregnancy doula is available to answer questions & concerns until after baby comes. Let us help you prepare your home and life for your new baby.

Labor Support

In pregnancy, your labor support Doula learns about your concerns and priorities for the birth. During labor, your Doula supports you continuously. She offers comforting touch and massage, emotional support, and reassurance in the birth process.

Post-Birth Support

A post-birth doula provides loving support so that the new mother feels well nourished, well rested, with her household in good order so that she can focus her energy on her new baby. Each family’s needs are different, so the services provided by your doula will vary to accommodate your family in the best possible manner.


Lactation Support

In the past, breastfeeding wisdom was passed from mother to daughter; over the years, a huge gap has emerged. Although it is one of the most natural, healthful ways to feed and care for your newborn, breastfeeding is a skill that must be learned by both mother and baby. Whether you are having pain, baby is gaining slowly or you just have questions and need reassurance that breastfeeding is going well, our Lactation Professionals can be there to walk you through the journey that is breastfeeding.

Placenta Encapsulation

Your body has created a beautiful new life and an incredible organ.  The amazing placenta grows when needed and is expelled from the body when its job is through. It provides all that your baby needs to grow and flourish inside the uterus.  This organ will continue to heal, and assist you well after you've birthed your baby.
Experts agree that ingesting the placenta slowly reintroduces the hormones into the mother’s system and may ease hormonal fluctuations


From Breastfeeding Preparation Classes to Bringing Your Baby Home, we have you covered.


"Good things come to those who wait"

Violet Fane



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